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Taking The Leap (Two Essentials)

Shannon was fifteen years deep in her career. She stayed late, got to work early, and opened up her laptop on the weekends to help get ahead.

Then she received a summons that she was under investigation. Her boss issued the investigation that would eventually lead to Shannon leaving quitting her job. Shannon left her steady job, wrote a best-selling memoir, and became her own boss as an entrepreneur.

An inner city teacher in New York City, Shannon spent hours planning out lessons that would empower students and get them excited for learning. After finishing one particular project, her students were so excited that they suggested the class have a group hug to celebrate their success.

That’s when her boss walked by and felt she may be crossing the line.

Even though Shannon was found to be completely innocent from inappropriately socializing with students, the investigation left a scar so deep that Shannon knew it was time to leave.

She could no longer be comfortable at work.

The investigation caused Shannon to really examine why she was doing what she was doing. She knew she wanted to have a positive impact on students and help them live remarkable lives, but felt she was being held back.

The school system, which she had been frustrated with long before, needs some serious transforming and Shannon knew she could better empower students by pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams outside the classroom.

She went on to write, My Last 40 Days, and created The Transforming Public Education Podcast. She now works as a marketer for progressive schools to help them get their word out.