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Goal Setting for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Everyone under the sun talks about goal setting. Like a New Year’s Resolution, these goals barely make it through a few weeks of trial and error.

Why? Well, there’s a few reasons.

1. Accountability.
2. Lack of simplicity.
3. No balance.

Before we dive into these three, just a heads up that we’re talking about SMARTER goals here.

You’ve probably heard the acronym before, but just a refresher. SMARTER goals are specific, measurable, action-based, realistic, time-based. Then, evaluate and re-do.

Here’s an example from a friend of mine:

Scott said he wants to bring in 10,000/month on a consistent basis by December 31st. It’s specific, measurable, and realistic because Scott already has a few freelance clients and pulls in 5k/month, and it’s time-based. By December 31st, he’ll either be making 10k/month or he won’t be. He’ll then be able to evaluate and re-start a new income goal.

Some people like the idea of throwing the realistic factor out the window and 10 times your goals. Why? Because even if you get half way to 10 times your goal, you’ve actually reach your initial goal and multiplied it by five. If that’s for you, then try that.

The only downside of that is you may never feel like you actually achieve a finish line which can feel not so good.

Okay, so the three things.