A New Vision

I’d like to expand a bit on the first stage of The Hero’s Journey when you realize that you no longer want to live in The Ordinary World and hear The Call for Adventure.


5.5 Tips to Tap into Your Inner Hero

1. Get Out of Your Own Way

As Jay Stolar showed us, so many times we just have to get out of our own way. It’s so easy to talk ourselves out of a great idea. Or, even worse, we allow ourselves to give into beliefs that we’re not good enough.

That the people we admire are someone superhuman.

When the truth is, the world was made up by people that were no smarter than us and we can change it.

So, take a look at your actions and reactions and ask yourself, are you getting in your own way?

Stop getting in your own way and let your inner hero out.


Fundraisers, Are You Ready? Five Tips For a Successful Race Day Fundraising Event

Back in 1977, Billy Starr hopped on his bicycle and went for a ride. His mother had just died from melanoma and pushing the limits of the physical body helped Starr grieve the loss of his mother.

On one rather strenuous ride, Starr had an idea. He and his friends would make a weekend of cycling, but instead of just pushing their physical and mental limits, their pedaling efforts would go to raise money for cancer.

Starr had found a deeper purpose in life. It was now time for him to live intentionally and embrace it.



I’d like to sit still and focus on focus.

Because here’s something I think you can relate to.

I want to do so much in my life. It’s like I have a thousand lives in me that I feel I need to live.

I want to do so much, yet if I don’t focus on one thing I’ll never get anything done. Seriously.


How to Overcome Resistance and Move Forward in Your Life When You Don’t Have a Trampoline

I stare at a blank screen, my fingers hovering over ASDFJKL;. The cursor taunts me with its consistent blink, blink, blink.

Resistance… the plague which stops creators from creating, stops writers from writing, stops changemakers from changing, and stops entrepreneurs from launching.

Have you ever come up with an idea and felt such an incredible rush of adrenaline that you needed to grab the dinner napkin and nearest pen so you can scribble down the thought in your head?


The Yet Mindset

My fingers were clenched and full of chalk. My right knee was turning black and blue. “I can’t climb it,” I said, barely audible, unaware that people were even listening.

“Yet,” said the little boy to my right. I looked over at him, wondering how long he’s been standing there. He continued, “Whenever you feel like you can’t do something, just add the word ‘yet’ to the sentence.”

And so I did what probably made me look like a madman.


10 Steps to Building Your Life on Purpose

I watched as my students picked up their cap and gown and carried it in their arms like a newborn baby. I smiled, said a few last words of encouragement, then asked, “You graduated… now what?”

Most talked about college. Many laughed about building a bonfire with their textbooks. Some just wanted to sleep.

What I realized is that for the first time in their lives, my students have a choice.


Productivity….what’s that?

Right now, I have 18 tabs open on my browser, an inbox full of emails I need to reply to, and a garbage that needs to be emptied.

I’ve learned a thing or two about productivity, yet I have so much more to learn.

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